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We have been fortunate to attract a group of tireless volunteers who share our passion for education and contribute their time and experience to advance the mission for the organization.

Those listed below came to us in the early days and were instrumental in getting our vision off the ground. Now however every week we host volunteers from every corner of the globe and their presence and experience are what sets Ikirwa School apart and makes it special. We owe each and every one of them our deepest gratitude. Without their tireless contributions we wouldn't be where we are today.

Daniel Epstein, Chicago IL

Business Development (2012)


Srinija Pernankil, Chicago IL

Staff Development (2012)

Kate Jackson and Caleb Owen, Boseman MT

Teaching and Business Development (2012)


Sergey Rudyak, Rocky Hill CT

Fundraising (2013)

Sergey Rudyak spent the last decade dreaming up wild adventures and then abandoning promising careers to embark on them. From June to September of 2013 he cycled across the United States, starting in Hartford, Connecticut and finishing in Juneau, Alaska, to raise funds and awareness for the Ikirwa School. Sergey's campaign raised over $7,000 towards classroom construction.

Valentina Ryabova, Washington DC

Fundraising (2013)

Meredith Walsh, Washington DC

Fundraising & Teaching (2013-2014)


Reuben, Reid and Jeran Willis, Juneau AK

Carpentry & Teaching (2015)


Richard Hankins, Richmond VA

Business Development & Teaching (2015)


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