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All Ikirwa students are admitted based on academic merit with preference given to children from the nearby villages. To gain admission, families need to demonstrate an ability to pay 100% of the applicable tuition and fees as well as a commitment to support their child's learning success. 

To keep our class sizes small we admit up to 20 children per year. 

NEW STUDENT INTERVIEWS                             

Call our office to schedule a tour and interview!


In order to gain admission to the Ikirwa School, we request that the parents of the perspective student fill out and submit an application form available for pick up at the office or by following the link below. Please provide detailed information regarding each question asked, especially those dealing with the child’s medical history.


Each perspective student must sit for an admissions interview and score 65% on an admissions test.  If you are unable to attend the interview during the scheduled time, kindly contact the school to arrange the time.


Parents need to demonstrate ability to pay school tuition and transportation fees in a timely manner.


Unfortunately, due to limited classroom size not all students may be able to attend our school. In cases where demand exceeds availability of spaces, preference would be given to students from Midawe and nearby villages. 


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