Ikirwa School


Ikirwa School employs locally-hired teachers and we are fortunate to have attracted experienced and well-regarded professionals.

Emanuel Kilinga Zacharia, Head Master

Emanuel joined the faculty in 2016. He has earned his degree from Ndala Teachers College in Tabora Region  He has spent the previous 9 years teaching at various public and private schools in Mwanza Region and, more recently, Rocken Hill Academy in Shinyanga Region and at the Haradali Acedmy in Arusha. Mr. Kilinga's specialty are Humanities - History, Civics, English and Kiswahili

Emmanual M. Mapigano, 7th Grade Teacher, School Academic Master

Mr. Mapigano Earned his Diploma in Education at Bishop Durning Teachers Training College in Arusha 2013 specializing in Science.He joined at Ikirwa School in 2018 and took on Academic Master responsibilities  in 2019. Previously, Mr. Mapigano has been teaching ICT, Science and Mathematics to upper classes at English medium school around Arusha - Kilimani , Arusha Victory, Haradali and St. Thadeus Pre- and Primary Seminary Schools - among them. In his own words, Mr. Mapigano believes in bringing out and developing a young scientists in every child.  

Christina Peter Kambey, 6th Grade Teacher

Tina comes from Moshi and has been teaching since 2005.  Prior to joining Ikirwa School in 2015 she taught at St. Jude School and Jaffery Academy in Arusha. She earned a Diploma in Education from Korogwe Teachers' College. Tina believes that being a teacher is her calling in life, and she is passionate about educating a generation of future leaders of Tanzania. In her own words, her professional objective is "to help students think critically and develop their own ideas". 

Andrew Kassian, 4th Grade Teacher

Mr. Kassian graduated from Karatu High School and Enyoito Secondary School in Arusha and came to Ikirwa School in 2018. He teaches Science, Geography and Mathematics. 

Jonas Joshua Massay, 3rd Grade Teacher and Assistant Academic Master

Jonas joined Ikirwa Staff in 2017. He earned his Diploma in Education at Marangu Teachers' College. Jonas taught in various schools such as Charity English Medium School in Arusha, Shinda Basic English Medium School. Jonas believes in developing the talents of his students and developing them into future leaders. 

Ms. Stella, 2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary Program Mistress

Miss Stella is a current Second Grade instructor teaching Numeracy, English, Kiswahili, sports and art, Health Care Education. Previously, she has taught at Haradali English Medium School , Green Valley School in Arusha and Born to Learn School in Kilimanjaro. Ms. Stella joined Ikirwa School in 2017 as a substitute teacher and became full time staff in 2018. 


Jackson Michael Akyoo, 1st Grade Teacher 

Jackson went to Silla Teachers' College in Arusha, and joined Ikirwa School in 2019. Previously, he taught at Charity English Medium School and Goodwill English Medium School Arusha .


Eunice John, Middle Class Teacher 

Eunice is a Midawe native and has received her diploma in Primary Teaching form Midland Institute of Professionals in 2013. She did her practicum as Albehije Frankossa Primary School and Maranatha Mission.


Lightness Ndekirwa, Preparatory Class Teacher 

Lightness earned her diploma in early childhood education from Universal Montessori Teachers College in Arusha. She joined Ikirwa School staff in 2018 after teaching two years at the Little Star English Medium School. 


Flora Minga, Baby Class Teacher 

Flora came to Ikirwa School  from Sinon Teachers College in 2015 as a student teacher and joined the school staff the following year.