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Cash donations, sponsorships, and volunteering are a great way to help Ikirwa School, but not the only way.  See what others have done to help us out, and please share with us any ideas that you have.


Charity Climbs

Many of our supporters learned about us when they planned an M. Kilimanjaro climb with our partner, Neeko Tours. In addition to giving a discount to climbers that would like to combine their trek with a philanthropic cause, Neeko Tours also provides the tools to create a personalized fundraising page for those that do not have the time or resources to create one on one of the popular platforms such as GoGetFunding.  If you are interested in organizing a charity climb please visit their page for further details.

Volunteer and Trekking Experience

Ikirwa School is proud to partner with our long-term supporter, Neeko Tours trekking company, to develop a tour package that combines Tanzania’s top tourist activities with an opportunity to meet and get to know the local people and children in a way tourists seldom experience.


By joining  Neeko Tours international team of men and women for a fun and meaningful volunteer experience you will have the opportunity to not only participate in a Safari or trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro but also make a direct impact on the lives of local children. We offer an opportunity to serve and connect with the Ikirwa School students in a tangible and personal way through teaching, tutoring, playing, and conversations.


Teams of Neeko Tours volunteers will carry out short academic and athletic projects and programs that complement the curriculum, giving the children a chance to learn about diverse cultures and sharpen their academic and athletic skills.


100% of your contribution to the Trekking/Volunteer Service Program and your international flight will be tax deductible.

  • November 2023:  12 days in Tanzania

  • November Trek: From $2400 USD, €2300

  • Groups of 3 or more would receive a 15% discount


For further information please contact Grace Lian-Bodenbach at 647-704-9910,

email: or Gasper Mbise at    

Philanthropy Tourism 

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